Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blogging on Windows 7 Hack

Windows 7 comes with many features and utilities. This trick of Windows known as godmode is built based on Windows 7, which allow you to access all Windows services in one place. These conclusions were based on function has not yet been announced. To access this feature, simply create a new folder and name it as godmode. (ED7BA470-8E54-825C-465th-99712043E01C)

This will help to open up and you have access to viewing options, backup and recovery, energy management and many other options. This is very useful for users who forget that access or Defragmenter Device Manager. And if you're lucky, you find that any useful service that I never knew existed.

It's been a few years Microsoft has tinkered with its control panel. Other hacks for Windows 7 is easy and well known. If you want the taskbar in Windows Vista style Windows 7, just right click the taskbar and select Properties dialog box. Select the boxes for the small icons. When the taskbar is full of selecting the combination which will give the same functionality as Windows Vista. You can unlock the hidden themes in Windows 7 themes. Open Explorer and navigate to C: Windowswinsxs then press *. The interest in the search box or use * keyboard. This takes you to click on me quickly. You can double click to install themes.

To activate the Quick Launch bar in Windows 7 right-click the taskbar and choose Toolbars menu and go to the new toolbar. Then copy and paste the following address in the Address bar. % SystemDrive% user% username% AppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet Explorer

Then, click to navigate to the folder and then you can see the Quick Launch folder to provide a choice.